Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Luck Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals

This is one of those times where I have to break from just publishing Motorcycle related articles, forgive me while I come out of 20 years of futility and bask in a moment that I was never certain would come... always hoped that it would... but I am a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, and if nothing, I have learned over 20 years that hopes and dreams of a fan can be quickly dashed.

While the team went to sleep for the last few games of the season they have woken up now with, what seems to be, a chip on their shoulder. I am cheering for that chip to last.

The defense is playing like we all thought they could. The offensive line is protecting like they were hired to do... run blocking, well, they are getting better... The receiving corps? No need to comment, I think the league knows that we have one of the best trio's in the NFL.

.... Jim, give 'em hell buddy!.... and Donovan... I hope you're staying at the hotel with the team and not at your house :) but if you are staying at your house my son says that if he sees you at Chipotle he's going to take back his "good luck" that he wished you before the season started!!


back to researching and writing about M/C's... it's going to be 75(F) around here today... maybe it's time for a little 'on the road research'!

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